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    ACHIEVA's $8 Million Capital Campaign

    Capital Campaign Lofo

    Innovation in Support of People with Disabilities: ACHIEVA's Commitment to the Community

    ACHIEVA Launches Capital Campaign

    In 2012, ACHIEVA launched the largest capital campaign in its history. Innovation in Support of People with Disabilities: ACHIEVA’s Commitment to the Community, will enhance the lives of people with disabilities and their families by supporting the following four priorities.

    Public-Private Partnership to Reduce Waiting Lists for Services

    • Developing innovative public-private partnerships to reduce the lengthy waiting list for support and residential services that enable people with disabilities to lead more independent lives.

    ACHIEVA Family Trust

    • Helping 1,500 more families to secure the financial futures of their loved ones with disabilities through the ACHIEVA Family Trust.

    Social Entrepreneurship - Expanding the Pallet Manufacturing Business

    • Acquiring a new band re-saw line, expanding working space, and acquiring additional equipment to increase production and create new jobs for people with disabilities at ACHIEVA's successful pallet manufacturing plant in Bridgeville.

    Stability & Sustainability

    • Greening ACHIEVA's many facilities, increasing their energy efficiency and providing long-term operating cost reductions.

    When complete in the spring of 2013, this $8 million campaign will expand ACHIEVA’s capacity to serve the growing needs of its customers through direct programming, economies of scale, reduction in annual operating expenses and increased business for the organization’s pallet manufacturing operation.

    It will:

    • Ensure that fitting and successful residential arrangements will be available to people with disabilities for years to come.

    • Provide comprehensive services to help families plan and finance supplemental services and supports.

    • Provide people with disabilities with the training and gainful employment that will enhance their lives and enable them to contribute more fully to the life of their region.

    • Create safe, comfortable and environmentally sustainable workplaces and living spaces for the many people with disabilities in our region.

       When selecting the specific program for your online gift, please select Capital Campaign.

    For additional information on ACHIEVA's Capital Campaign, please call (412) 995-5000 x459 or email

    Please click here for more on ACHIEVA's Campaign Cabinet members.