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    'A Home of My Own'

    Photo of two roommates
    Thank you for your interest in ACHIEVA’s “A Home of My Own” project.  We are happy that you have expressed an interest in this unique public/private partnership model and we look forward to working with you and your family.  This innovative program offers customized living arrangements within the community for adults with disabilities who wish to move out of their families’ homes.  
    ACHIEVA is committed to helping children and adults with disabilities reach their full potential.  Since 1999, ACHIEVA has been a respected leader in working to end the long waiting lists for services in Pennsylvania.  “A Home of My Own” offers choices and person-centered planning for people with disabilities and their families, making the dream of having your own home a reality.  ACHIEVA support brokers will work with you and your family, to customize a personalized living arrangement and more timely access to services by blending family support, government resources and natural supports.
    Individuals interested in a home of their own also have the opportunity to take part in ACHIEVA’s Community Living Assessment.  This unique observational assessment, completed both in the home and the community, assists in determining the appropriate level of support necessary for a person to live as safely and independently as possible. 
    We are looking forward to meeting with you to further discuss this unique community living opportunity.   Thank you for your interest in ACHIEVA and the “A Home of My Own” project.  Working together, we can make your dreams a reality.  
    Nancy Murray, President                      Michelle Stockunas, Project Manager
    The Arc of Greater Pittsburgh              ACHIEVA's "A Home of My Own"               
    412-995-5000 x424                              412-995-5000 x402

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