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    ACHIEVA Support - Program Highlights

    Early Intervention:

    • Provided physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech, hearing and developmental therapies to nearly 2,200 children through ACHIEVA's and The Arc of Westmoreland's early intervention programs
    • Increased the number of families who choose ACHIEVA Early Intervention through targeted marketing efforts
    • Served 27 children and their families through the Preschool Readiness Program

    Home Care:

    • Achieved re-accreditation by the Community Health Accreditation program (CHAP)
    • Became licensed through the Pennsylvania Department of Health
    • Provided 202,000 hours of support to 343 individuals with disabilities and their families
    • Increased referrals in Westmoreland County by 31 percent, serving 125 individuals
    • Implemented a standard pay scale for all home care providers
    • Purchased an online training curriculum for ACHIEVA Home Care staff

    Day and Overnight Camps:

    • Provided day and overnight activities for 292 individuals of all ages

    Residential Supports:

    • Received 100 percent compliance with all licensing requirements for community homes and life sharing services
    • Experienced rapid growth in Westmoreland County, with the addition of 15 new individuals who chose The Arc of Westmoreland for their residential needs - 4 new homes were purchased, renovated and furnished in a 5 month periond to accommodate these new customers
    • Received certification in the Nurturing Parenting Program, enabling ACHIEVA's parenting education Program staff to assess and develop supports for children ages 0 to 21
    • Began conducting assessments for Allegheny County's Children, Youth and Family Division through ACHIEVA's Parenting Education Program
    • Provided a residential living experience to 36 students through ACHIEVA's Young Adult Transition Program

    Vocational Supports:

    • Workers with disabilities earned more than $850,000 in wages this year, an increase of nearly 5 percent
    • Increased participation in school fairs and other marketing opportunities - growing the number of students supported in ACHIEVA's Vocational programs
    • Received 100 percent licensed for vocational and adult training facilities

    Facility-Based Supports:

    • Worked in Washington County to support five new workers and to establish school to work transition projects with three Washington County School Districts
    • Worked with 14 school districts-compared to five in the previous year-in Allegheny County
    • Supported 23 new workers as well as school-to-work transition for seven students at ACHIEVA's East Hills, Regis Avenue and Strip District plants in Allegheny County
    • Served six new participants through ACHIEVA's customized Day Program at the Regis Avenue location in Allegheny County
    • Supported 10 new individuals with disabilities through The Arc of Westmoreland
    • Secured nine additional vocational contracts for The Arc of Westmoreland

    Community-Based Employment:

    • Placed 119 individuals with disabilities into community jobs - an increase of 20 percent from the previous year
    • Increased the total number of people supported in community job settings to 503 - 70 percent of ACHIEVA's total Vocational Supports enrollment
    • Supported 11 students in their transition from school to work
    • Created a supported work job club in Westmoreland County, placing one individual during the year

    Cleaning and Janitorial:

    • Employed 89 workers and reached $1 million in sales, increasing overall business volume by 7 percent

    Property Maintenance:

    • Applied for and awarded a Community Development Block grant to build a dispatch site at the Regis Avenue location in Allegheny County
    • Operated three crews with more than 150 contracts
    • Generated more than $121,000 in sales from January through March - a 21 percent increase over the same period during the previous year

    Mail Service:

    • Increased letter shop mail by 23 percent, to 2,920,851 pieces
    • Increased overall revenue by 10 percent

    Pallet Manufacturing:

    • Hit nearly $1.1 million in pallet sales
    • Produced and shipped more than 100,000 pallets and crates for world-wide distribution of products

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