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    ACHIEVA Vocational Supports - Our Businesses

    ACHIEVA's Vocational Supports program operates five plants, located in both Allegheny and Westmoreland Counties, offering individuals with disabilities opportunities for facility-based job training. ACHIEVA also offers community-based and training supports in 9 counties.

    While providing job training and supports to individuals with disabilities, ACHIEVA is proud to offer services and manufacturing assistance to local businesses. ACHIEVA Vocational Supports specializes in niche industries and in providing human resources to complement businesses seasonal or overflow needs.

    ACHIEVA Vocational Supports offers:

              Pallet Manufacturing

              Packaging and Assembly

              Mailing and Lettershop Services

              Property Maintenance and Snow Removal (residential and commercial)

              Cleaning and Janitorial Services

    Call ACHIEVA Vocational Supports for a quote today by contacting Kevin Barkley at (412) 995-5000 x501, (412) 779-3098 (cell), or via email: