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    ACHIEVA Family Trust
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    ACHIEVA Family Trust

    Trusting In ACHIEVA

     ACHIEVA Family Trust Featured in Spring 2013 Newsletter
    It was a picturesque summer day, the birds chirped, children played in the park and walking trails were full of chatting adults. It was the perfect scene for a day of fun. For Kara, fun equaled a day at the neighborhood pool. It was a place Kara knew well, she had enjoyed swimming since she was four years old.  She had competed for district titles and traveled across the state displaying her talent.  With Kara’s passion for the water, a summer day at the pool was far from abnormal. However that day, just a week after her 12th birthday, would be far from normal, in fact it would become life changing.  
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    ACHIEVA Family Trust:

    Individuals with disabilities and their families face significant challenges in planning for their financial stability. ACHIEVA Family Trust, a member of the ACHIEVA family of organizations, provides information to individuals and serves as trustee of several kinds of trusts benefiting individuals with disabilities. Created in 1998 to address parents' concerns about their children’s futures, ACHIEVA Family Trust now serves over 1,800 individuals, providing peace of mind to families and caregivers. Trust staff are asked to speak to professional advisors, family groups and other community agencies.

    ACHIEVA Family Trust serves individuals with disabilities, their families, attorneys and financial advisors. In serving our clients, we work with courts, service providers, the Social Security Administration, the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare and other state and federal agencies. Various trust options are available and are tailored to meet specific needs.

    ACHIEVA Family Trust helps individuals and families plan for services that will be needed in the future. Factors to consider are types of support available from the government, family support that supplements government services and the amount of funding necessary to continue supplemental support.

    ACHIEVA Family Trust provides the following services for families:

    • Operates Common Law Trusts, Pooled Trusts and Payback Trusts to benefit individuals with disabilities.
    • Distributes trust funds to increase individuals’ quality of life while preserving eligibility for essential government services.
    • Offers a Personal Planning Guide to help families collect and update information about their loved ones.
    • Adds case management and social work expertise to the traditional role of corporate trustee.
    ACHIEVA Family Trust Recognizes and Values
    • The importance of assisting individuals with disabilities and their families to plan for the future.

    • The rights of individuals with disabilities to live and plan for secure and fulfilling lives in a way that recognizes their individual preferences, capabilities, and quality of life.
    When to Establish a Trust
    • When family members want to begin saving for future security
    • When family members are developing their estate plans
    • When someone with a disability has too many assets to remain eligible for essential government services
    • As children transition to adulthood
    • When Social Security accounts get too large
    The services of ACHIEVA Family Trust are available to individuals with disabilities and their families in Pennsylvania and other states. Representatives are also available to speak to professional advisors and family groups concerned with financial and estate plans that include people with disabilities. 

    Resources and Forms

    For more information contact Rebecca Tyers, Family Trust Assistant, at (412) 995-5000 ext. 565 or via email at