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    ACHIEVA Early Intervention and Preschool Readiness Services in Allegheny and Westmoreland Counties

    ACHIEVA is southwestern Pennsylvania's largest Early Intervention provider.  We have over 100 highly-qualified professionals, including:

         Early Childhood Educators
         Social Work/Counseling
         Physical Therapists
         Occupational Therapists
         Speech Therapist
         Teachers of the Visually Impaired
         Teachers of the Hearing Impaired
         Conductive Educator

    ACHIEVA's Early Intervention team works with children from birth to age three and their families. The children ACHIEVA serves range from having minor developmental delays to children with more complicated developmental needs. ACHIEVA therapists are trained to tailor treatment modalities to best suit the needs of each child and their family.  ACHIEVA therapists support children with a variety of delays and/or diagnoses, including:

         Slight developmental delays
         Speech/communication delays
         Motor delays
         Pervasive Developmental Disorders/Autism Spectrum Disorders
         Behavioral concerns
         Hearing loss
         Visual loss

    Some of the treatment modalities offered by ACHIEVA therapists include:

         Conductive Education (ACHIEVA has a certified Conductive Educator)
         Therapeutic Listening

    In Beaver, Butler, Clearfieid, Clarion, Jefferson and Fayette Counties, ACHIEVA Early Intervention provides independent assessments for children suspected to have a developmental delay.

    Our Partners

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    Early Intervention Webinars

    Child Development and Milestones

    Early Intervention Referral Process - Allegheny County

    Early Intervention Referral Process - Westmoreland County

    Checklist for Growing Children

    Preschool Readiness Program

    ACHIEVA offers a Preschool Readiness program for children 2 1/2 years and older who utilize ACHIEVA's Early Intervention services as they prepare for the transition to preschool. Classes are offered at ACHIEVA's Pittsburgh headquarters located at 711 Bingham Street, PA 15203.

    Class Activities:

    A broad range of learning and social activities are offered through the preschool readiness program, including:

    1. Directed Free Play - Includes theme-related puzzles, books, etc.
    2. Circle Time - Includes welcome, discussion and songs
    3. Snack - Includes getting ready for and having snack time, clean up, making choices and encouraging language cooperation
    4. Group Activity - Includes arts and crafts, games and fine motor activities
    5. Gross Motor Activity - Includes moving to music, taking a walk, etc.
    6. Book Time and Closing Song

    "Chase was definitely not ready to go to preschool this past year, but now, because of the wonderful people and structured classroom, his achievements have made my husband and I rethink the possibility of him being able to go to preschool next year. I no longer look at my son as an infant; he is now a little boy who goes to school. Thank you for helping my baby grow up.”

    For more information, in Allegheny County, contact ACHIEVA Early Intervention at (412) 995-5000.  In Westmoreland County, Early Intervention is provided through The Arc of Westmoreland at (724) 837-8159. 

    To access Early Intervention services in Allegheny County, please contact The Alliance for Infants and Toddlers at (412) 885-6000.  In Westmoreland County please contact Westmoreland Casemanagement & Supports, Inc. at (724) 837-1808.


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