Access to Healthcare for Women and Girls with Disabilities

Beginning in 2010, ACHIEVA’s Disability Healthcare Initiative continued the nationally-recognized work of the FISA Foundation on access for women and girls with disabilities. After holding two statewide forums that brought together women and girls, their families, medical professionals, hospitals, government agencies, educator's, insurance companies, foundations, policy makers and advocates, we developed viable solutions to increase access to healthcare for women and girls with disabilities in Pennsylvania.

In 2012, ACHIEVA wrote the Access to Healthcare for Women and Girls with Disabilities: A Report to Pennsylvania’s Legislators. This report also developed seven recommendations which ACHIEVA then used to focus advocacy efforts. Some of these recommendations have become part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act healthcare legislation and one other – instituting a part-time loan forgiveness program, using existing funding, for medical and dental professionals – introduced as legislation by a member of the Pennsylvania legislature.