Capital Campaign


Thanks to the generous support of more than 300 individuals, corporations and foundations ACHIEVA is proud to announce the success of its Capital Campaign: Innovation in Support of People with Disabilities: ACHIEVA’s Commitment to the Community. The success of the campaign will advance the well-being of hundreds of people with disabilities and their families and contribute to the economic vitality and the overall quality of life in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Four Initiatives of ACHIEVA’s Capital Campaign:

  • Waiting List Reduction

​Provide better housing options for people with disabilities through a public-private partnership to reduce the lengthy waiting list. Currently, more than 14,000 people with disabilities in Pennsylvania are on a waiting list for community support that may take years to fill. 4,000 are in an emergency state.

  • The ACHIEVA Family Trust

Implement an innovative plan to expand the ACHIEVA Family Trust, which enables families of people with disabilities to secure the financial future of their loved ones. The goal is to increase the families served from 1,800 to 3,300. The monies raised will create new funding channels for ACHIEVA Family Trust and support a campaign to inform families,service providers and attorneys of individuals with disabilities about the benefits.

  •  Social Entrepreneurship 

Create more permanent jobs for people with disabilities in the Greater Pittsburgh area by expanding ACHIEVA’s thriving Pallet Manufacturing Business. Also, purchase a new band re-saw line and upgrade equipment to offer more jobs to the 8 out of 10 people with disabilities currently unemployed.

  •  Sustainability ​

Increase the energy efficiency of the 100 ACHIEVA facilities by adopting sustainable practices and updating current systems. In an effort to redirect an estimated $117,000 each year from building operations to services for people with disabilities.

The last two years have been an amazing time for ACHIEVA.  From the beginning this campaign has not solely been about raising eight million dollars. The goal has been for individuals with disabilities and their families to be able to live the best life possible. Every dollar raised from this campaign will help ACHIEVA accomplish that goal. It’s excellent to know that we have contributors who understand the importance of providing the best possible supports and services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities,” says Marsha Blanco, President and CEO of ACHIEVA.


Thanks to the more than 300 donors from across the Pittsburgh region who have helped us reach our $8 million capital campaign goal. The support of this community and of the cabinet members that have helped me as we've pushed toward our goal has been extraordinary, and the funds we have raised will dramatically enhance ACHIEVA's ability to develop and deliver services to people with disabilities and their families, says William Demchak, Chairman of ACHIEVA's Capital Campaign.



 Click here for more information on ACHIEVA's Capital Campaign, including a list of our   major contributors of $1,000 or more.