Disability Healthcare Initiative

ACHIEVA Disability Healthcare Initiative (DHI) is providing statewide leadership on improving access to healthcare for individuals with disabilities through education, public policy and advocacy.  We work to increase physical and programmatic access, medical workforce development and education. ACHIEVA works with many stakeholders, including individuals with disabilities and their families, medical professionals, hospitals and health centers, government agencies, educators, insurance companies, foundations and disability advocates to develop viable solutions to increase access to physical healthcare and dental care for people with disabilities.

DHI Reports

In addition to these reports, ACHIEVA Disability Healthcare Initiative also created a website on healthcare for peoples with disabilities (www.personfirsthealth.org) that features a broad range of information and resources to educate key policymakers.

For more information about ACHIEVA Disability Healthcare Initiative, please contact Melissa Allen at (412) 995-5000 x569 or email mallen@achieva.info.