Fun For Kids

Year-long, developmentally appropriate activities for children.


Salt Dough ornaments

1 c fine salt
1 c flour
1/2 c water

Mix flour and salt together then add water. Knead until smooth and form into a ball. Store in an air-tight container when not in use so it doesn't harden.

The children can help make the salt dough. You can make different colors of dough by adding food coloring. Add glitter to the plain dough for extra sparkle! Playing with the dough is a very sensory experience, roll thin and use cookie cutters to make different winter/holiday themed ornaments. Poke a hole in the top and let air dry. The ornaments can be painted with water color paints once they are dry!

Epsom salt painting

Mix epsom salts and water together and use a brush to paint the mixture on black or blue paper. It doesn't looks like much when painting but as it dries a magical winter scene appears. There are fun paint brushes that create neat patterns—or just let your little one free hand paint their picture!
This magically appearing snow scene can be made by mixing 3 parts of Epsom salt with 1 part of water.  Stir really well! Use a paint brush to create a winter scene and wait for it to dry to see your picture!



Puffy snow paint pictures

Let young children paint on blue or black paint free-form without any particular product in mind and a puffy snow scene will result. You can provide popsicle sticks, q-tips, spoons and fun brushes to create a pretty snow picture.


Winter Sensory Tables

Sensory tables and sensory bins (or lasagna pans) are a fun experience for toddlers and preschoolers to learn a myriad of things. Simply scooping and pouring the contents of a sensory table will help develop hand eye coordination, as well as the basic concepts of measurement but as your child grows there are easy ways to turn your basic sensory fun a step further to keep them learning.


Easy Matching Game

Simply trace some of your child’s favorite objects onto white paper.  Then hand them the object for a fun matching game!

Tube Threading Activity

Save those toilet paper and paper towel rolls! Paint them a variety of pretty colors and have your toddler thread them onto string or pipe cleaners!


More fun activities are coming soon!