Meet Elysia



Those who know Elysia know she is a prankster and always looking for a good time. She’s a wonderful young lady with a very bright future. Elysia is in her 20s and currently employed at a local Wal-Mart - a job she has maintained since graduating from high school. There she performs janitorial assignments and whatever else she is asked to do for her job. In an effort to help her further excel in this role, Elysia enrolled in CCAC North Campus’ Janitorial Program and successfully completed the course in May 2016.

Elysia is very independent and has received some help along the way. Achieva’s “A Home of My Own” helped Elysia secure supports and services giving her the opportunity to move outside of her family’s home. She immediately knew what she wanted in an apartment and had certain criteria for “A Home of My Own” staff to follow. Staff worked with Elysia and showed her many different properties all over Allegheny County, but only one place truly was a fit. Elysia found the perfect apartment in the City of Pittsburgh through ACTION HOUSING.

Today, Elysia has a job, a home she loves, and is living on her own. Her social life is even in full swing. In her spare time, she is a participant with the “We Rock” workshop, sponsored by Mr. Small’s Fun House on the North Side of Pittsburgh. This program helps young aspiring musicians, songwriters, and singers hone their musical abilities.

Elysia enjoys writing poetry and the workshop assists her in transforming her poetry into music. She is currently creating a song, and with the help of Achieva staff, practices her vocals in the studio. Elysia can be extremely shy; however, with the help of staff, she’s starting to recognize her potential.

Elysia has always been a joy and someone who knows how to have a good time. Now, with the help of Achieva, she is able to enjoy an even more fulfilling life in a home of her very own!