Meet Our Friends at Forbes

           Stephen and David

  David (left) and Stephen (right) 

Stephen has been living on his own for five years. A while back, he started receiving services from Achieva’s “A Home of My Own.” The program was a good match for Stephen. It provided the close supervision he needed while using extensive one-on-one life skills training with many opportunities for Stephen to socialize with other residents in his apartment building.

Stephen enjoys the central location of his apartment. He can walk to the local Jewish Community Center (JCC) for his workouts and he participates in Special Olympics activities at the JCC. He can also easily access some great restaurants and coffee houses to meet up with friends who live in the area. Stephen’s interests are like most others, he bowls on Saturdays, takes vacations to the beach and hangs out with friends, all while staying gainfully employed at Blind and Vision Rehabilitation Services. Stephen is able to live in his own apartment and live his life the way he chooses through the coordinated services provided through Achieva’s “A Home of My Own” program.

In the same building was David, another “A Home of My Own” participant. David and Stephen do many activities together on a shared caregiver basis, including Penguins games, Disney’s Frozen on Ice, and the Circus. Additionally, their staff plan parties and get-togethers for them in the building recreation room. David and Stephen are looking forward to even more great social events as another ACHIEVA “A Home of My Own” resident is expected to move into the apartment building.