Support Staff and Success Stories

                Support Staff

"A Home of My Own" support staff is provided to each individual based on the individuals needs. This can be for a few hours daily, weekly or monthly. 

The main goal of "A Home of My Own" is for individuals to live as independently as possible with some assistance from support staff. Please click here for "A Home of My Own" Focuses on Community Living Skills.

All of the staff employed with ACHIEVA's "A Home of My Own" are required to be competent in the several areas. 

"A Home of My Own" staff are all hired and employed through ACHIEVA. ACHIEVA recruits new employees as they are needed; however, families can refer their current support staff, family or friends to work with their loved ones. If a family is interested in referring their current support staff to ACHIEVA or wants a family or friend to provide supports they can click here and review the job description and complete an application.

Once an application is completed, the applicant will receive a call from ACHIEVA Human Resources, have an initial telephone interview and then may be asked to come in for a second interview with "A Home of My Own" staff. Once hired, all staff go through orientation. Please click here for the mandatory orientation and training schedule.   

Our success on each photo below to read about those in "A Home of My Own".

ElysiaDavid (left) and Stephen (right)                                                                                                                                                        

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