For People With Disabilities

ACHIEVA is transforming its vocational services to focus solely on providing community based, person-centered supports for the people with disabilities that we serve. Over the next several years, ACHIEVA will divest itself from providing workshops and training facilities. This means ACHIEVA's vocational supports model will move away from a congregate, facility-based approach to a truly person-centered way of providing supports that promotes competitive employment opportunities and/or inclusive community experiences for people with disabilities. ACHIEVA's goal is to help people with disabilities make informed decisions, contribute to their communities, and experience the benefits that come with gainful employment.

Vocational supports will focus on community employment and participation opportunities as well as the businesses ACHIEVA currently operates: pallet manufacturing, packaging and assembly, landscaping and snow removal and cleaning and janitorial services. These businesses will be integrated and pay at or above minimum wage.

ACHIEVA Vocational Supports include:

For more information about ACHIEVA Vocational Support Services you can reach staff by Contact Form or email