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Pallet Manufacturing

by Achieva

Custom Pallets that build careers

Pallet Manufacturing by Achieva produces top-quality wooden pallets and shipping containers for worldwide essential businesses and local, family-owned enterprises. With a lower minimum order threshold and maximized potential for custom designs, Pallet Manufacturing experts provide an unmatched customer experience, all while limiting packaging costs.

The Bridgeville, PA  facility’s 21,000 square feet of workspace and 5,300 square feet of covered storage provides

  • on-site storage options
  • excellent lead time
  • on-site and remote customer support
  • a heat treatment kiln to meet ISPM-15 export requirements for timely international shipments
  • warehoused new pallets for vendor-managed inventory

Choose Achieva Pallet Manufacturing, and talk about supply chain sourcing with pride.

Achieva Pallet Manufacturing embraces an Affirmative Business Enterprise model while functioning as a job training program for about half of the operation’s manufacturers who have disabilities.

By working for Achieva, those employees become pallet craftsmen and women with essential workplace skills, paid and incentivized identically to their colleagues without disabilities.

The operation’s supportive culture inspires some to hold their positions for decades, while others proudly seek jobs in the community, confident in the skills learned at Achieva Pallet Manufacturing.

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Pallets & Shipping Crates

  • Durable pallets for shipments and warehouse storage
  • Support small accounts as well as large national accounts
  • Local on-site customer support.
  • Competitive pricing
  • Improving quality and reducing costs
  • Manufacture new pallets to any customer specification.
  • Provide custom pallets that optimize the performance of our customers' unit loads during shipment while minimizing packaging costs
  • Pallets can be heat treated and certified to meet ISPM-15 export requirements for timely international shipments.
  • Production and distribution space so we can warehouse new pallets for vendor-managed inventory. 
  • With Achieva, you are getting more than just a pallet provider; you are getting a partner committed to helping you find efficiencies in your processes
  • For packaging needs that have more intensive requirements, we offer packing crates 
    • Wooden packing crates are ideal for protection and packaging of loads. We will build to your specification. Wooden crates and their shipping platforms can be custom-made to fit any application. 

Our Location

Map of Achieva in Bridgeville, 360 Commercial St, Bridgeville, PA 15017

Achieva Business Operations

360 Commercial St, Bridgeville, PA 15017