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Diversity and Disability Assistance

Diversity is Good for Business

When it comes to success in business, whether it be a local mom and pop boutique or a large corporation, diversity and inclusion is not only the right thing to do, but it is also the smart business decision. According to a study by Accenture and the American Association of People with Disabilities, businesses that employ people with disabilities saw revenues that were 28% higher than those that don't actively seek to employ people with disabilities. In addition, the Department of Labor found that employers that made a priority of hiring people with disabilities saw a 90% increase in employee retention.

When employers embrace hiring people with disabilities they gain:
  • New Perspectives
  • Access to a Wider Talent Pool
  • Better Overall Employee Performance
  • Increased Profits


What are the challenges?

With all the benefits of hiring people with disabilities, why isn't everyone doing it? What are the challenges?

Every business is unique and have a different set of goals, culture, and barriers. It's not enough to just update the company handbook or place the "E.E.O.C." language in the job listings. Implementing diversity hiring practices and creating a welcoming, inclusive workplace involves moving beyond the planning phase, and addressing:

  • Internal Bias and Resistance
  • Management Training
  • Workplace Accessibility Evaluation
  • Talent Identification and Acquisition


Achieva Can Help

At Achieva, our dedicated team of Employment Specialists believe in providing quality support for employers. By understanding each business's unique needs, Achieva can custom tailor a plan for diversity and inclusion of people with disabilities that fits the needs and goals of each business.

We can provide:


  • Job coaching services for people with disabilities, both on and off-site as needed, to enure your business needs and standards are being met
  • Diversity and Inclusion Trainings for your staff
  • Customized matching of job seekers with disabilities to fill open positions and meet business needs
  • Employee Retention Services through continuing on-site training and support
  • Job Site Evaluation of accessibility needs, as well as low-cost recommendations for accomodations


Achieva Business Services may also be reached at or 412 995 5000 X 629.