Freedom: Mike's Story


Freedom: Mike's Story

Mike sits in his wheelchair and holds his car door open. The white chair topper that will help him store his wheelchair is on top of the vehicle.

Thank you so much Achieva Family Trust! The Chair Topper you so graciously approved will increase my independence and make my life so much easier.

No longer will I need to drag my wheelchair in and out of my car over my body, no longer will I destroy the interior of my car, no longer will I feel the shoulder pain that has caused me to see orthopedic specialists and physical therapists, and no longer will I need to worry about dealing with the rain and snow in Erie!

It is so refreshing to know there are people like you who are out there to assist people who struggle to live independently! I'm sure I can speak on their behalf so, from me and all of my family and friends, thank you Achieva Family Trust!


Mike - Erie, PA