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All the information you need to make the right decisions for your loved one, right in one place.

A young boy looks up and to the left with a sunrise behind himIf you care for a child with disabilities, where can you turn to plan for their future? The decisions you must make can feel overwhelming. However, we can help you plan for your unique day-to-day and long-term needs by connecting your family with a network of resources, education and guidance.

Begin by downloading our helpful planning guide, contacting legal support partners, and attending educational webinars and events designed for families like yours.

You can benefit from Future Planning services if you’ve ever wondered:

  • Where will your child live after you and your spouse are no longer alive?
  • Who will care for your child?
  • Will they have the money needed for their care?
  • How can I create a will or plan for their future care?

Create Your Personalized Future Plan

Phil and Lesley pose together, smiling in their kitchenWe can help you plan for your loved one’s future today with our Future Planning Guide. This comprehensive resource is the first step to help determine what choices best fit their particular situation and to customize a future plan that fully supports the individual with special needs. The guide helps you create their personalized profile, including health history and finance as well as their experiences with life and learning, family and friends, and likes and dislikes.

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Question? Contact our Education & Outreach Coordinator at 412-995-5000 x 589 or

Find a qualified legal professional

Colleen Cenk sits at her dining room table to review paperworkAchieva Family Trust has contacts with many quality legal professionals who specialize in assisting families and individuals with disabilities plan for their future. These attorneys can help you determine what steps will best meet your needs and also draft future planning documents, such as a Last Will and Testament, Special Needs Trust, Power of Attorney and Living Will.

If you are interested in future planning, please feel free to contact one or more of the attorneys listed.

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