A Hiring Sign That Felt Like Fate


A Hiring Sign That Felt Like Fate

Marlene and manager Tracy smile in their aprons in front of Bath and Body Works

A Hiring Sign That Felt Like Fate

Marlene Sanchez moved to Pittsburgh from Mexico City when she was five years old. She feels affection for Mexican-inspired events and activities reminiscent of her birthplace. She cherishes large family gatherings to celebrate life events and continue family traditions. As a bilingual communicator, she is deliberate in maintaining her Spanish speaking skills and relishes opportunities to do so.

So, after a long search for a competitive-integrated job, the recruitment sign within the Mall at Robinson Bath and Body Works felt a bit like fate. Not only did the sign appeal to English job seekers, but it also read, “Contradando Ahora” or Now Hiring.  Marlene didn’t hesitate to inquire about the position and eagerly applied. She was soon hired and was pleased to use her Spanish to help a customer on her first day of work.

Marlene experienced the “Discovery” process with Achieva Employment Supports. Discovery enables youth and adults with disabilities to find a job that is a good fit with an employer who values and needs the talents they have to offer. With the help of John Kuhn, Achieva’s Lead Employment Specialist, Marlene is becoming acclimated to her new role. “She gets very nervous but she’s so capable. She’s capable of a lot more than she lets on,” said John. “A lot of things are just a matter of her feeling comfortable.” The “Discovery” process revealed Marlene’s finest qualities. She has a positive attitude and infectious personality that would be an asset to any employer. Everyone who works or interacts with Marlene describes her as intelligent, socially oriented, and fun to be around.

Marlene is learning to be assertive and insightful when it comes to her customer’s needs; helping others comes naturally to her. She shares what the specials are, provides demo cards of new scents, and ultimately provides a friendly experience to shoppers whether in her native tongue, English, or perhaps, even a little “Pittsburghese.”

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