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Living More Independently

Achieva has over 50 licensed community homes throughout Allegheny and Westmoreland county. These houses provide adults with disabilities the ability to live independently from their families in a comfortable home and community setting.

Independent living is a possibility for people with disabilities. Those who need support between 30 hours a week and up to 24 hours a day can benefit from the assistance available in a community home.
Residents of  Achieva homes are empowered to make everyday decisions, helping to lead healthy and vibrant lives both in and out of the home. At Achieva, we focus on providing person-centered supports, ensuring that each person is living the life they choose, while encouraging opportunities for growth.

People with disabilities have hopes, dreams, and desires, just like all of us. They may just need assistance in aspects of their day-to-day living. That’s where community homes come in.

Community Living Professionals care deeply about respecting a person’s right to privacy, upholding their dignity, while helping them grow to reach their highest potential in their personal and professional life. Community Living Professionals understand the importance that relationships have to someone’s life, in their learning, personal growth, future outcomes, and their overall health and well-being, and believe dedicating the time to cultivate and maintain those relationships lead to the best personal outcomes.

Your passion, support, and skills will help a person with a disability become more fully included in their community, and help them achieve their goals. Thank you for considering a role in which you can empower people with disabilities. Thank you for choosing to become a champion of inclusion. 


Types of Care Provided

Every person we support is different, so it’s important that the support you provide is appropriate to their needs and personal goals. Tasks provided within community homes can be broken down into three areas.

Home Tasks

Support with home tasks as needed for cleaning, meal preparation, and laundry, corresponding to the ability of each person you support.

Personal Assistance

Provide personal assistance as needed for each person you are supporting. Some of those tasks may include lifting out of bed with or without the support of a hoyer lift, assist with dressing and feeding, administering medication, and encouraging and assisting with personal hygiene needs, such as brushing teeth or assisting with bathing and using the restroom.

Person-centered Support

Encourage each person’s choice in the activities, locations, and people they see. When going out, provide safe transportation, and plan activities based off of interests to facilitate their personal or professional growth.