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Books at Birth

Achieva’s Early Intervention specialists know that their best allies are well-informed, empowered caregivers.

Books at Birth helps provide those resources beginning on day one.

Each family who gives birth at Allegheny Health Network’s Forbes or Jefferson Hospitals, or whose newborn receives care at West Penn Hospital’s NICU, receives a developmentally appropriate board book approved by Achieva’s EI team.

With each page, caregivers are prompted to point, touch, sing, answer questions and make sounds which encourages speech and language development, motor skills, social abilities and more in their children.

Because each book comes with a monthly emailed childhood development guide, caregivers are equipped to recognize whether those skills and milestones are reached as anticipated -- a vital step toward each child attaining his or her greatest potential.

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Books at Birth aims to make families feel cared for from day one.

Books at Birth aims to make families feel cared for from day one.

Books at Birth ensures that participating families have at least one high-quality children's book - approved by Achieva's EI experts - and monthly emails to help track their babies' development.

Books at Birth Jefferson Launch

Books at Birth Jefferson Launch

Achieva Early Intervention's innovative Books at Birth initiative is now encouraging literacy and caregiver empowerment at a third Pittsburgh-area healthcare facility: Allegheny Health Network's Jefferson Hospital in the South Hills.