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Creating A Home

The comfort, safety, and security of a home is the first step in a fulfilled life.

Achieva believes the security and dignity that comes with living in a home in the community is the foundation for leading a life of personal significance. Achieva works to support people with disabilities in community living, creating natural supports in our community, and stronger neighborhoods through shared experiences.

Housing Services

A place to call home

Achieva provides customized living options based on the needs and wishes of the person with a disability and their family. Whether you are looking for support in your current home, living arrangements with a group of roommates, or a home of your own, Achieva can help.

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Life Sharing

Life Sharing is an option for families that desire a family living situation for their loved one. Achieva connects families in the community who want to share their home with a person with a disability, and provides program support to the person with disabilities during the move while they become comfortable in their new home environment.

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Housing Tenancy

Achieva’s housing tenancy service provides assistance to people with disabilities locating, obtaining, and sustaining appropriate housing options so they can live in their own homes, whether rented, leased, or owned. Housing that is stable, affordable and meets one’s needs improves healthy outcomes and quality of life.

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Achieva is committed to providing quality home supports for people with disabilities.

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