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Employment Support

Helping people with disabilities make informed decisions and experience the benefits that come with gainful employment.

Employment Programs and Services

Supported employment uses person-centered tools to help people secure and keep a job in a field they desire to work in while offering benefits counseling to ensure vital government benefits are maintained.
Carla Kidsville Daycare Community Employment

Community Employment

Achieva competitive-integrated employment (CIE) is dedicated to helping people with disabilities to become employed in work that matches their skills, interests, and talents.  We do this through various means of gathering information and using that information to support the employment goal. We believe that everyone who wants to contribute through paid employment should receive the opportunity to do so.
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Benefits Counseling

If you are concerned about how your employment income could affect your government benefits, we can help. Discover a one-stop resource to help you to achieve your employment goals.

Employer Involvement

Achieva Employment supports is committed to developing long lasting relationships with employers within the community. Our professional team of employment specialists seeks to match people we support with your business needs. We work intensively with our job seekers to develop the skills necessary to meet an employer’s needs. Once an individual is offered employment, we will be there to support the person and your business, for as long as necessary, to ensure quality standards are being met.
Guests to VaultArt Studio admire artwork on the wall

VaultArt Studio

A project of Achieva, VaultArt Studio represents artists who have developed complex creative practices on their own, but until now have not been able to expand their work beyond the studio and into the community.

At VaultArt Studio, artists utilize professional-level arts instruction, exhibition space, and career coaching in order to transform their creativity into the calling of their choice.