Achieva | Strategic Vision

Strategic Vision

What Inspires Us


Achieva envisions a community where all people with disabilities lead lives of personal significance.


Achieva advocates for, empowers, and supports people with disabilities and their families throughout their lives.

Core Values

  • Respect: Value and celebrate everyone.
  • Passion: Be dedicated to Achieva’s mission and vision.
  • Ethics: Infuse integrity, quality and best practices in everything we do.
  • Change: Embrace and drive innovation toward inclusive person-centered practices.
  • Team: Inspire, challenge and support each other.

Strategic Priorities

  • Person-Centered: Create and nurture a culture throughout Achieva that promotes person-centered thinking and planning in how we provide support.
  • Advocacy: Ensure that advocacy remains a foundational part of the organization, is supported by sustainable funding and staffing, and focuses on individual advocacy and important system advocacy issues.
  • Impact: Identify, develop and pursue new and innovative initiatives that stretch Achieva’s abilities to fulfill its vision and mission.
  • Staff: Implement enhanced strategies to attract, develop and retain the highest quality staff.
  • Diversity: Develop and pursue a diverse and inclusive culture throughout the organization.
  • Technology: Leverage technology to enhance all aspects of the organization and services/supports.
  • Advancement: Develop and pursue an advancement agenda that enhances Achieva’s financial position, community presence and leadership.