ACHIEVA Advocate Appointed to Governor Wolf's Reform Council


ACHIEVA Advocate Appointed to Governor Wolf's Reform Council

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ACHIEVA Advocate Appointed to Governor Wolf’s Reform Council

PITTSBURGH, PA (August 1, 2019) – Nancy Murray, President of The Arc of Greater Pittsburgh (an affiliate of ACHIEVA) has been appointed by Governor Tom Wolf to serve on the Council of Reform, a new council created by Executive Order 2019-05, which the Governor signed today in an effort to overhaul Pennsylvania’s systems to advocate, protect and empower our most vulnerable citizens.

During his announcement at the state Capitol, Governor Wolf stressed the need for a dramatic shift of our protective systems. He said, “We’ve heard and seen the horror stories. Many stem from a government too eager to serve the needs of institutions and too reluctant to serve the needs of people. I am taking executive action to make changes that will stop the system from failing Pennsylvanians most in need of our protection and care. This process builds on and incorporates important reforms passed and proposed by the General Assembly, and begins what I hope to be a productive but honest conversation about how we can move forward to protect Pennsylvanians and put people first.”

Among other things, Governor Wolf’s executive order creates an Office of Advocacy and Reform, maintained by the governor’s office, and a Council of Reform, which includes 25 voting members from outside state government and several non-voting members, consisting of Wolf Administration officials. Murray, from Bethel Park, was selected by the Governor as the council’s “Disability Advocate Representative.” In response to her appointment, Murray remarked, “The Arc of Greater Pittsburgh applauds the Wolf Administration for the Executive Order creating the Council on Reform. Pennsylvania needs to do more to ensure the safety of children, people with disabilities, seniors, victims of domestic abuse and other vulnerable groups. I’m pleased to be honored with the appointment to the Council of Reform.” The Council is charged with submitting a report to the Governor with recommendations for changes by November 1, 2019.

Murray’s disability advocacy credentials are numerous. She is the parent of two adult children with disabilities and has been an advocate for people with disabilities for nearly four decades. Murray is the Project Director of ACHIEVA’s Disability Healthcare Initiative, which is focused on access to healthcare for people with disabilities. She serves as the board president of the Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation and is a member of the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services’ Medical Assistance Advisory Committee and Office of Developmental Programs’ Information Sharing and Advisory Committee. She is also the founder and former coordinator of the Down Syndrome Center at Children’s Hospital (UPMC) of Pittsburgh.  Murray was first hired as President of The Arc of Greater Pittsburgh in 2007. The Arc of Greater Pittsburgh is an affiliate of ACHIEVA, one of the largest advocacy and disability service organizations in southwestern Pennsylvania. 

ACHIEVA is a non-profit organization located in southwestern Pennsylvania providing lifelong supports to people with disabilities and their families. ACHIEVA envisions a community where all people with disabilities lead lives of personal significance. Our services range from early intervention therapies and employment supports to special needs trusts and supports in the home and community. ACHIEVA advocates for, empowers, and supports people with disabilities and their families throughout their lives.