Achieva Provided Over $1.5 Million in Support to Families Through Charitable Programs

Pittsburgh, PA (August 25, 2023) - Achieva’s Cecil and David Rosenthal Memorial Fund and Achieva Family Trust’s Charitable Residual Program positively impacted 784 families during the 2022-2023 Fiscal Year, making their wants and needs a reality.

Over $1.5 million was distributed through Achieva Family Trust’s “Charitable Residual Program,” which provides supplemental support and services for children and adults with disabilities with a demonstrated need. Another $25,000 was given out through the Cecil and David Rosenthal Memorial Fund, an Achieva fund named after brothers who were victims of the tragedy at the Tree of Life synagogue - the two men were long-time recipients of Achieva’s services. The two programs each consider a wide range of requests, including iPads, camp and recreational activities, medical equipment, and home and vehicle modifications. 

Charlie and Carolann Hildbold, whose children have autism, gained support from both programs. With a letter of support from their son’s therapist, they received three soothing sensory items. Later, when learning that drowning is the number one cause of death for autistic children, the Hildbolds researched swim lessons. At nearly $200 per session per child, Carolann said, “We couldn’t afford it.” According to Charlie, applying for the support was a “game-changer.” The lessons have turned water-related anxieties into something “almost therapeutic.” 

Stephen Suroviec, Achieva President and CEO, said, “There’s no catch - the Rosenthal Fund and the Charitable Residual Fund are available to people with disabilities who have unmet needs. All you have to do is apply, and Achieva will be there for people with disabilities when other financial avenues aren’t available.”

Requests for both programs are accepted through an online application process. Questions can be directed to Jennifer Stoyer, Community & Charitable Trust Coordinator, at 412.995.5000 Ext. 493.
Achieva is a non-profit organization located in southwestern Pennsylvania providing lifelong supports to people with disabilities and their families. Achieva envisions a community where all people with disabilities lead lives of personal significance. Our services range from early intervention therapies and employment supports to special needs trusts and supports in the home and community. Achieva advocates for, empowers, and supports people with disabilities and their families throughout their lives.

A member of the Achieva Family of Organizations, Achieva Family Trust was established in 1998 to address parents’ wishes to protect their children’s futures. Now, Achieva Family Trust is one of Pennsylvania’s largest, most respected corporate fiduciaries for special needs trusts.