New Year, New Opportunities

Picture of Steve Suroviec, Achieva President & CEO

New Year, New Opportunities

By Steve Suroviec, President and CEO

President and CEO Stephen SuroviecOn behalf of the entire Achieva Family of Organizations, I want to wish everyone a happy new year. Ushering in a new calendar year is more than just a way to mark time - it’s symbolic of renewal, fresh starts, and new opportunities. At Achieva, there will be a number of opportunities in 2023 to embrace renewal and opportunities for change.

In 2023, Achieva will be undertaking a fresh look at its strategic plan. The current plan has served Achieva well, having been established in 2019 with new mission and vision statements, core values and strategic priorities. The plan was bold and comprehensive, and put Achieva in a strong position to not only deal with major events like COVID but to also embrace innovation and new ways of supporting people with disabilities. With direction and guidance from our wonderful trustees, Achieva will “recalibrate” its current strategic plan in 2023, establishing an updated set of initiatives to position Achieva for the future. Our goal will be to provide even better and more meaningful supports and services to people with disabilities and their families in western Pennsylvania!

Since 1998, Achieva Family Trust 25th Anniversary. Protecting Futures. Enhancing Lives.Of special note in 2023 will be the 25th anniversary of The Achieva Family Trust – a significant milestone for an organization that started with just one beneficiary, yet has grown into one of the strongest and most trusted charities serving beneficiaries of special needs trusts. By reaching its 25th year, my mind immediately turns not only to what has been accomplished in the past but to the opportunities yet to be realized during the next 25 years!

And finally, with the swearing in of a new governor and new General Assembly in Pennsylvania, hope is renewed that those in positions of leadership in Harrisburg will hear the pleas of those with disabilities, their families, and the organizations that support them. Our state’s elected officials have it within their power to finally end waiting lists for community-based services, finally close Pennsylvania’s remaining public institutions, and finally provide sufficient, predictable, and competitive rates to service providers so that the wages and benefits paid to Direct Support Professionals can keep up with inflation and produce the best quality care possible. Hopefully they will hear those pleas from disability advocates like you early in 2023 (contact your state official here).

Indeed, going from one year to a new year is symbolic of renewal, and 2023 presents us with the potential for great things. Achieva is poised and excited to embrace those opportunities. If you’d like to join us, please “invest” in Achieva during 2023 by supporting one of Achieva’s upcoming events (e.g., the Pittsburgh Promenade on March 25th) or by making an online gift. Join us!

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