Now Is The Time!


Now Is The Time!

Achieva, along with other members of the Provider Alliance (TPA), is fervently advocating for the funding needed to ensure people with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism (ID/A) can receive necessary services. TPA urges Governor Wolf and the General Assembly to use the funding available from the already-passed American Rescue Plan and the potential Medicaid increases in the “Build Back Better” legislation under consideration by Congress to preserve the community system of care.

“The intellectual disability system is collapsing, but it can be prevented,” said Nancy Murray, Senior Vice President of Achieva and President, The Arc of Greater Pittsburgh. “Now is the time for Governor Wolf and the General Assembly to pay direct support professionals (DSPs) at the same level as state center aides, use Rainy Day funds to stabilize the system, and increase the fee schedule rates by $541 million (annualized amount in the State Fiscal Year 2022-23 budget). Thanks to funding from the federal government, the time has never been better for PA to make this investment to provide desperately needed services for people with intellectual disabilities, autism, and their families.”

“Build Back Better” Legislation Under Consideration
  • $130 million in planning grants to be awarded for states to become “HCBS Program Improvement States”
  • An additional 6 percentage points to states’ Federal Medical Assistance Percentage (FMAP) for approved “HCBS Program Improvement States” through September 30, 2031 (10 years)
  • An additional 2 percentage points to FMAP for the first six quarters after a state has implemented a program to support self-directed care
  • Permanent extension of “Money Follows The Person” rebalancing demonstration at $450 million for each fiscal year after 2021

If you would like to contact the Governor, your state senator, and state representative, please click here. Now is the time! Please Act Today!

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