Share Random Acts Of Kindness

Join Achieva and the Rosenthal Family as We Promote Random Acts of Kindness

Cecil and David Rosenthal, inseparable brothers known for their love for life, were among those taken too soon during the tragedy at Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Synagogue. Family and friends referred to Cecil and David as 'the boys' because of their innocent, kind-hearted nature.

Cards to print and distribute with Random Acts of KindnessShare random acts of kindness in memory of ‘the boys’.
Download and print these cards to pair with your Random Acts of Kindness. Join and post to 
Achieva's Facebook group or post on Instagram using the #LoveLikeTheBoys hashtag.

We can’t make sense of the events at the Tree of Life but we can choose how we react to them:

Surprise someone with baked goods
Offer to assist an elderly neighbor

Leave quarters at a vending or bubble gum machine 

Give waitstaff a generous tip

Call an old friend
Visit an elderly neighbor

Thank someone for impacting your life
ffer compliments   

Give clothing or food to someone in need
Donate blood

Volunteer your time to a local non-profit
Clean up a local park

Give someone a hug or a high-five
Write a hand-written note