Mark's Story and His Transition to Independence



Mark has been working with Achieva's "A Home of My Own" for about three years and is looking forward to moving into an apartment of his own. Over the past several years, Mark has worked on his skills, both at home and in the community, to become more independent. He works on identifying and disposing expired foods, creating a grocery list, and planning his meals. He successfully shops for groceries and chooses and counts the correct denominations of currency to pay for his selections. Once home, he cooks his own delicious meals. Mark exclaimed, "Achieva has been nothing but great to me! They have given me opportunities that I would not have thought I would and to be able to do on my own" (referring to the assistance of his Life and Job Coaches).

With the support of Achieva, Mark has secured a job at a local McDonald's that is within walking distance of his current residence. He works very hard and was recently promoted to grill master at McDonald's. He is extremely proud of all that he is accomplishing. As you can see from the photo, Mark is also quite proud of his shoe collection and usually buys a new pair each month! 

Mark's mother also appreciates Achieva. "From day one, Achieva has been very supportive through the ups and downs with my son." She applauds all of the positive changes in Mark. She commented, "I have watched him grow from a boy to a young man." While Mark continues to enhance his community living skills, he is working and looking for a roommate to share an apartment.