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          James - All About Choices

 James in his apartment

In 2017, James decided he wanted to become more independent and have his own place to call home.  James has been living with his aunt, who has taken care of him and his sister as well as, her own children, since James was a little boy.  He knew he wanted to be close to his family, but also wanted a place to call his own.  So with the help of his supports team James was introduced to “A Home of My Own”. 

“A Home of My Own” supported James as he began to believe he could move into a place of his own and helped his aunt understand he would have the services he needed to be safe.  The “A Home of My Own” supports broker helped James navigate through options for housing, potential supports and services, including representative payee services.  James had certain requirements for his new home that were very important to him.  He wanted to be on a main bus line and within walking distance of a grocery store.  He also wanted help with budgeting, making and keeping medical appointments.  His supports broker also completed the "A Home of My Own" assessment that showed other supports and services James would need to be successful.

His supports broker helped James share his thoughts and also advocated for his wants and needs during planning meetings.  Since James was looking for housing and other supports, he and his supports team decided to tour a semi-independent program that would allow him to have staffing for up to 30-hours a week.  This would help him to become independent, while remaining close to his family.  Ultimately, James made CHOICES about where he wished to live, who would be on his supports team and what to cook in his new kitchen. 

Now, James is looking forward to having a roommate.  And, he says that he couldn’t be happier.  He is saving for tickets to WWE Wrestle Mania and to go to the beach with some of his new friends he met within his apartment complex.