A little over a month ago...

A little over a month ago, the city of Pittsburgh was struck with a horrific act of violence. As the world watched the fallout, 11 congregants of the Tree of Life Synagogue were killed, taken from their families and loved ones. David and Cecil Rosenthal, longtime recipients of Achieva services, were among those that lost their lives in that senseless act.

Out of that horrible tragedy, people from around the world decided to do something positive to offer their love and support, and in addition to countless notes of condolences and sympathy cards, Achieva has received over $47 thousand dollars from over 441 individual donors in memory of Cecil and David. 

The Rosenthal brothers were well known in Squirrel Hill. They embraced their community, and their community embraced them back - with open arms and love. With the example set by David and Cecil and contributions being made in their name, Achieva has created a new award to be given out at its annual Awards of Excellence ceremony. “The Cecil and David Rosenthal Community Award” will be given to a person with an intellectual or developmental disability who – by virtue of how they live their life – has embraced being a part of their community, and in return their community has embraced them. David and Cecil will be honored posthumously as the recipients of the inaugural award on December 11
, 2018 at Achieva’s awards ceremony being held at the Station Square Sheraton.  In addition, the Achieva Board of Trustees has created a new fund in which all existing and future donations received in memory of David and Cecil will be placed. The “David and Cecil Rosenthal Memorial Fund” will be used to support community engagement activities pursued by people with intellectual or developmental disabilities and to honor future recipients of the Cecil and David Rosenthal Community Award with a $1,000 gift.

To contribute to the Cecil and David Rosenthal Memorial Fund, visit www.achieva.info/donate and choose "David and Cecil Rosenthal Memorial Fund" in the program menu.