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Joinder Agreement

November 20, 2023

The Joinder Agreement is a document that needs to be filled out to enroll in the Pooled Trust or to start the application for the Charitable Residual Fund.

Opening Account Information

November 20, 2023

This pdf form is to be filled out and submitted in order to open an account for a special needs trust with Achieva Family Trust.

PA Attorneys Familiar With Special Needs Trusts

April 20, 2021

List of PA attorneys familiar with special needs trusts.

AFT Policy Procedures for Distributions

Charitable Residual Handbook

Achieva Family Trust's Charitable Residual Handbook is a comprehensive look at the Charitable Residual Fund, how it relates to Pooled Trusts, and the steps needed to apply.

Information Sheet For Lawyers and Financial Advisors

Achieva Family Trust is a nonprofit corporate trustee for people with disabilities to protect their financial assets. If you are managing the financial assets of a person with a disability, learn more

Joinder Agreement - Spanish

El Acuerdo de "Joinder" es un documento que debe completarse para inscribirse en el Fideicomiso mancomunado o para iniciar la solicitud del Fondo de beneficencia residual.

Master Trust Agreement

The establishment documentation for Achieva Family Trust, made November 2, 1998.

Master Trust Agreement - Spanish

La documentación de establecimiento de Achieva Family Trust, realizada el 2 de noviembre de 1998.

Online Fund Request Instructions

Achieva Family Trust now offers a way to submit your fund requests online through our website. This simple process is detailed in this brief overview of the process.

Opening Account Information - Spanish

Este formulario pdf se debe completar y enviar para abrir una cuenta para un fideicomiso de necesidades especiales con Achieva Family Trust.

Payback Trust Fact Sheet

This Payback Trust fact sheet can help you determine if a Payback Trust is right for you. It covers what a Payback Trust is, the advantages of a Payback Trust, and the requirements of a Payback Trust.