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Annaleigh Benefits from Charitable Residual Program

“Annaleigh is a lover of many things, especially things out of her wheelchair. Due to her inability to walk, she really enjoys activities like adaptive ballet, adaptive snow skiing, swimming and bike riding. These activities really give her freedom of movement and for her to show what she is capable of while also giving her a thrill! We were thankful that Annaleigh was generously provided an adaptive bike at the age of three from another agency. We used that bike until we no longer could have her safely fit without her knees, bumping the handlebars. When we no longer qualified for a bike through that program, that is when we reached out to Achieva Family Trust. We are so grateful that we were approved for an adaptive bicycle in the correct size that will likely last her through adulthood. It was amazing to see her get right on the bike and start to pedal even if it had been over a year since she was able to ride a bike. I guess that’s where the saying comes from… “It’s like riding a bike”. Thank you for giving her that opportunity to continue to do some thing that she loves!"

Bridgette Campbell