Achieva | Charitable Residual Program - Providing goods and services to PA residents who have a disability and a demonstrated need.
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Charitable Residual Program

Providing goods and services to PA residents who have a disability and a demonstrated need.

We appreciate your interest. Please note that the Charitable Residual Program is only available to residents of Pennsylvania at this time.

Enhancing the lives of others

Carol smiles wearing a blue shirt and sits in a recliner chair with a throw blanket over the back Some individuals and families lack the resources to access critical special needs support. Achieva Family Trust's Charitable Residual Program provides supplemental supports and services for children and adults with disabilities and a demonstrated need.

How it works

Young female experiences equine therapyWhen the beneficiary of a Pooled Trust has passed away, any existing funds become part of our Charitable Residual Program that benefits individuals with disabilities in need. Since 2005, we have been able to provide more than $12.5 Million in goods and services to people with disabilities.

Applicants, please review the Residual Handbook for important information prior to submitting an online application.

Grateful Recipient Stories

Things to consider when applying

In order to ensure that your application is given full consideration, please read the following instructions carefully. Make sure you have ALL supporting documentation available to upload with your application. Only complete applications will be given consideration. Incomplete applications will not be processed. Funds in the Residual Account are to be used as a last resort, when there is no other funding available.

  • Applications are reviewed and submitted for team consideration on an ongoing basis throughout the year. All applications that require discussion and/or follow-up by the team will be reviewed on a quarterly basis.
  • Applications received after these deadlines may be held until the next quarter. (For example, if an application is received June 15 and determined to require follow-up, then it will be reviewed in July since it was received prior to the July 1 deadline. If the same application is received on July 2, it would be held until the October review meeting.)
  • An applicant is eligible to receive funds once every 2 years; however, applicants may apply for camp and other recreational funding on an annual basis.
  • Camp requests must be submitted no later than May 15.
  • Emergency requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Checks will be made payable to the vendor and never directly to the individual or family.
  • Receipts or copies of paid invoices must be submitted to substantiate the purchase of goods or services.
  • Reimbursements for items already purchased will not be considered.
  • Consider PATF for additional financial assistance.
The Achieva Family Trust Residual Program will not be responsible for any fees or costs related to the service or support above the approved dollar amount. These instructions, procedures and application are subject to change at any time and without notice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Grant Program

Sometimes individuals with disabilities and their families lack the financial resources to access critical special needs support. The Charitable Residual Program provides supplemental support and services for children and adults with disabilities who are unable to pay for the services or supports on their own. These funds are to be utilized when all other sources of funding have been exhausted.
Eligible applicants are individuals with disabilities throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Disabilities can include Intellectual, Mental Health disorders and Physical disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy and ALS. If there is a question regarding eligibility, please contact the Residual Account Coordinator at 412-995-5000 ext. 493.
The Residual request should be based on the needs of the applicant. The Charitable Residual Program will consider a wide range of requests from iPads, camp and recreational activities to medical equipment and home and vehicle modifications.
As part of the application process, you will be asked to complete a screening tool. The screening tool will determine if you are eligible for the Residual Program and/or the Cecil and David Rosenthal Memorial Fund. 

The person applying on behalf of the applicant will need to create an account to access the Application. All supporting documents should be submitted with the online application to facilitate the review.

All requests require several supporting documents. These documents are designed to provide our reviewers with additional information about the applicant and their specific needs. These documents are:

  • Letter of Support: The letter of support is a letter written by a professional in support of the request. Examples of professionals who may submit a Letter of Support include Support/Service Coordinators, doctors, physical therapists, occupational therapists and teachers. The letter should contain sufficient details regarding why the item being applied for is necessary and how it will improve the individual’s quality of life. The letter should be submitted on company letterhead and must be signed.
  • Bids: Bids and/or estimates of the items being requested. Items over $500 require two bids. These bids need to be for comparable items. All items need to be the same or similar and from two separate vendors. All shipping, tax and additional fees need to be reflected in the bid to get the most accurate requested amount. Please note that requests for iPads do not require bids.
The Joinder Agreement is a legal document that “joins” the applicant to our Pooled Trust. This step is necessary in order for us to disburse funds from our Pooled Trust to make the purchase.

The Joinder Agreement needs to be uploaded to the online application for review, and the original, signed (wet signature) Joinder Agreement must be sent to Achieva Family Trust to the attention of the Residual Account Coordinator. If the application is approved, the Joinder Agreement is kept on file for future requests. Additional documents may be required based on the request category. If you have any questions regarding the additional documents, please contact the Residual Account Coordinator at 412-995-5000 ext. 493.

Access The Joinder Agreement
Yes- Please note that disbursements from the Residual Account are taxable. Therefore, once funds are processed through the Program, the applicant/beneficiary will be receiving a K-1 tax document in the Spring following the disbursement.  Achieva Family Trust can not provide tax advice for recipients. Please provide the K-1 to your personal income tax preparers. 
Applications are reviewed and submitted for consideration by our internal review Team on an ongoing basis throughout the year. The quarterly application deadlines are: January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st. There is a separate deadline of May 15th for all camp requests. These dates are the deadline for the quarter, not the due date for requests. We strongly encourage that all applications are submitted in advance of this deadline to provide sufficient time for our reviewers to make determinations. All applications that require discussion and/or follow-up will be reviewed by the last day of the month in which the quarter ends.
There is no limit to the amount of the request. However, we do ask that applicants take into account their needs as opposed to their wants when applying. For larger requests such as home modifications and vehicle modifications, the Residual Team will typically consider amounts up to $10,000. However, there have been requests that have been approved above the $10,000 amount based on compelling need. Please note that all requests will be evaluated in light of available funds and there are no guarantees or representations made regarding the receipt of funds.
Applications can be submitted every two years. If an application is denied, the applicant remains eligible to reapply for another need. However, applications for Camp and Recreational activities can be submitted on an annual basis.
The Charitable Residual Program is not designed for home repairs. Examples of home repairs include but are not limited to the following: sewer lines, windows, AC and Furnace installation/repair, sidewalks, driveways, roofs, etc.
In addition to home repairs, the following list includes requests not considered: fences, hot tubs, and pools. In addition, the Residual Program will not pay for an individual’s bills, such as rent or utilities, child care expenses or tuition costs. It will also not consider anything that has already been paid for. 
As a general rule, once a completed application is submitted, it typically takes at least 15-20 business days for it to be reviewed and a decision to be made. It may take more time if follow up information is requested by the reviewers. For Applications that require extensive follow-up, we strive to make a decision within 30 days of the end of the quarter. You will receive notification via email after a determination has been made with instructions for the next steps. Because the amount of applications we receive varies, there may be times when we cannot meet these guidelines. We ask for your understanding and patience.
Our team works diligently to fulfill requests as soon as possible, but there is no timeline for when approved purchases are processed. They are fulfilled in the order they are approved whenever possible.

Grateful Recipients

A Message from a Grateful Residual Program Recipient

A Message from a Grateful Residual Program Recipient

Through Achieva Family Trust's Charitable Residual program, one family benefitted from a bathroom remodel that will keep their daughter safe. "Achieva Family Trust made a significant impact on our daily lives and for that I will be forever grateful." Heather Shuker

Annaleigh Benefits from Charitable Residual Program

Annaleigh Benefits from Charitable Residual Program

Annaleigh is a lover of many things, especially things out of her wheelchair. Due to her inability to walk, she really enjoys activities like adaptive ballet, adaptive snow skiing, swimming, and bike riding.

Freedom: Mike's Story

Freedom: Mike's Story

Mike received funding from Achieva Family Trust for a Chair Topper for his car.

Apply Today

Joinder Agreement

Complete the Joinder Agreement to start your application process. You will need to include it with your full application.

Residual Fund Application

Thank you for your interest in applying. Achieva offers two opportunities for supplemental support. Please proceed to the application page to determine eligibility for the Charitable Residual Program and the Cecil and David Rosenthal Memorial Fund. 

If eligible, you will be directed to the Charitable Residual Account application portal. You will need to have your completed Joinder Agreement and any supporting documents needed.

Begin Application Process

Charitable Residual Handbook

Achieva Family Trust's Charitable Residual Handbook is a comprehensive look at the Charitable Residual Fund, how it relates to Pooled Trusts, and the steps needed to apply.


Joinder Agreement

The Joinder Agreement is a document that needs to be filled out to enroll in the Pooled Trust or to start the application for the Charitable Residual Fund.


Joinder Agreement - Spanish

El Acuerdo de "Joinder" es un documento que debe completarse para inscribirse en el Fideicomiso mancomunado o para iniciar la solicitud del Fondo de beneficencia residual.