Charitable Residual Program

ACHIEVA Family Trust is proud to serve as corporate trustee for the Charitable Residual Program. Established in 2005 to improve the quality of life of individuals with disabilities, this program provides supplemental supports and services. $3,144,986 has been awarded for children and adults with demonstrated need since its beginning. 

ACHIEVA Family Trust recognizes that the Residual Account cannot address the needs of all individuals with disabilities. Our goal is to assist those with lifelong intellectual, physical and behavioral disabilities who have no other resources to obtain the needed product or service.

 Click each beneficiary to read their story and how the
Charitable Residual Program has impacted their life!

Hadleigh Coyne

received funding from ACHIEVA Family Trust for a home modification.

Lysa Murphy

received funding from ACHIEVA Family Trust for kitchen supplies.

Joshua McGoey

received funding from ACHIEVA Family Trust for supplies to enhance the family vehicle.

Kamryn & Kyara Lambert
received funding from ACHIEVA Family Trust to attend summer camp.

Emmett Hurt
received funding from ACHIEVA Family Trust for a vehicle modification.

Categories of Funding:

  • Camp/Recreation
  • Medical
  • Products or supplies
  • Disability-related Modification
  • Caregiving

Applications are reviewed on quarterly application due dates:

January 1
April 1
July 1
October 1

Applications submitted after these deadlines will be held until the next quarter. An applicant is eligible to receive a grant once every two years; however applicants may apply for camp and other recreational funding on an annual basis.

*** ACHIEVA Family Trust Charitable Residual Grant applications Camp Deadline is May 15, 2018.***  Applications for camps received after the date of May 15, 2018 will not be reviewed. Please refer to the link below to apply using the online application process.

Things to consider when applying:

 The Residual Account does not reimburse for items or services that have already been purchased.
 The funds from the Residual Account may not be used for the purchase of a vehicle or home.

 Charitable Residual Account Documents: