Community Employment

ACHIEVA's Supported Employment programs have provided individuals with disabilities employment training and opportunities for more than 20 years. Employment Specialists are dedicated to match workers in the employment area of their choice.

ACHIEVA's Employment Specialists provide in-depth, up-to-date and accurate information on how employment plans may affect an individual's cash benefits and will develop an employment plan around the needs of each individual situation.

Pre-Employment Services:

Social Skills Training: Helps individuals with disabilities interact effectively with supervisors, co-workers and business customers.
Community-Based Assessments: Allows an individual with disabilities to "try out" actual jobs while working under the supervision of a supported employment specialist.
Resume Writing and Assistance: Helps develop effective personal marketing materials to support a job search.
Interview Training and Mock Interviews: Helps to develop interview skills and confidence.

Placement Services:

Job Development and Placement Assistance: Helps develop and implement a job search plan using various means to generate job leads, interviews and job carving (creating a position from parts of various existing jobs.)
Job Coaching/On the Job Training: Teaches an individual with disabilities how to succeed in a new work situation by providing the assistance of an employment specialist.

Ticket to Work:

Provides pre-employment services and placement services to Social Security beneficiaries who want to earn enough money to stop their cash benefits but maintain medical benefits.

School to Work Transition Services:

Provides services to students to help prepare them for competitive employment through in-class and practical instruction, pre-employment skills training, job touring, job shadowing and community-based assessment.