Meet Adriana



During the first year Adriana received support from Achieva’s “A Home of My Own,” she accomplished all of her goals! She selected an apartment and moved in with the assistance of her family and Supports Broker, Tom Vash. They had a long day of moving her belongings from her mother’s home to her apartment using an Achieva van and a lot of muscle. After moving in, she became very independent with taking her medications (with no reminders), budgeting money, paying bills, and making good decisions regarding her finances and her well-being.  

After almost a year, at her annual Individual Support Plan (ISP) meeting, Adriana stated she felt very good about herself and wanted to work on new goals. She expressed the desire to get her driver’s permit and return to the Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC) to earn an associate’s degree in early childhood development. Previously, Adriana had allowed herself to become anxious and overwhelmed while attending school, and subsequently dropped out. 

In less than two months, she completed driving school and had her permit! Adriana is in the process of applying for financial aid with Life Coach, Angela. Another Life Coach, Lytia, has been taking her to the CCAC campus to get acquainted and learn about the classes she would have to take. Lytia and Adriana are watching videos and purchasing books so Adriana can study and build confidence before she returns to school. Adriana is working closely with her Supports Broker, KayLynn, on her emotional regulation, communication skills, and using a Spanish to English app on her phone to describe her feelings with correct English wording so she is understood by non-Spanish speaking peers. KayLynn will also assist Adriana with getting accommodations put into place once she starts school for extended test times, being able to take her Life Coach with her into class, and putting a plan in place with the counselor and instructors if they observe Adriana struggling.  

Adriana is hoping to start school for the winter semester. With a degree, she will be able to get a job in a school or daycare with benefits, better pay and, of course, be an even stronger, independent young woman!